Our roles in maintaining a healthy society

We established Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct based on respect for human rights and relevant laws and regulations. We have a checking system in place for compliance and personal information protection, and work to ensure thorough internal communications. We also work to reduce or eliminate unlawful acts such as unauthorized occupancy of buildings.

Compliance Structures

Our compliance structure is based on the "Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct" as a general principle, and we execute operations in accordance with compliance rules, information security policy, information protection policy and other rules that we have set.

Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct
In order to gain the social trust, we set the Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct, focusing on ethical behavior and compliance as our general principle and we shall act in a sensible and fair manner. Each of the executives and employees shall act according to the Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct.

  • We establish trust from society
  • We respect clients
  • We comply with laws and social norms
  • We respect human rights and the environment
  • We secure transparency and soundness of management
  • We do not interact with antisocial organizations

Compliance with related laws and regulations

By complying with the Local Government Act, the Public Housing Law, the Act on Promotion of Supply of Specified Good Rental Housings, and other related laws and regulations, we support safe and sound social life.