Seismic Diagnosis

We provide support from consultation on earthquake resistance to application for subsidy, seismic diagnosis and to reinforcement work all at one-stop.

“Seismic diagnosis” is to evaluate earthquake-resistant capacity of buildings and determine whether anti-seismic reinforcement is necessary or not to prepare for major earthquakes. We support subsidy application, make deterioration diagnoses of equipment and external walls and other various diagnoses with an aim to extend useful life of the building and preserve the value.

Nippon Kanzai’s seismic diagnosis

  • Suggest and implement services ranged from seismic diagnosis to reinforcement designing to seismic reinforcement construction.
  • Diagnostic engineers and structural experts undertake the diagnosis in accordance with the guidelines for seismic diagnosis set by the government.
  • Select an appropriate diagnostic method (primary diagnosis, secondary diagnosis, tertiary diagnosis).
  • Provide support for subsidy application.
  • Propose an optimal way of reinforcement, depending on the client’s situation.