Repair Work

Specialists on building management give full support to repair work from the client’s point of view

By taking advantage of our extensive experience in building management and strength we have as an independent company, we provide one stop service from planning to execution of repair work that is optimal from the client’s point of view. The engineers with experience of a number of repair works will realize both reduction of total costs and increase in the building’s quality.

Characteristics of Nippon Kanzai’s repair work

  • We give full support to your repair work using consulting ability and technical capability that we gained through a substantial experience of management and repair work. Qualified staff will implement management, designing and supervision of the construction in a responsible manner.
  • Making use of the characteristic as an independent company and without feeling restrained by corporate affiliation, we can provide optimal suggestion and execution to our clients.
  • After performing building diagnosis and repair planning, engineers who know everything about buildings select the best specifications.
  • Giving prior explanation to the residents, and without hampering convenience of the tenants and residents during the work, we carry out repairing process in a planned and safe manner.
  • We can handle a wide range of works, from repairing of exterior wall, waterproofing and painting, replacement of water supply/drainage, air- conditioning and electrical equipment, restoring to original condition, and to a large-scale renovation.