Dual Headquarters

BCP support to protect clients’ valuable assets

In order to support continuous operation of properties, we established a complementary system based on two headquarters in Tokyo and Hyogo. In case of a disaster, we will implement a backup strategy through mutual cooperation to ensure continuity of service.

Complementary system developed from the past experience

Our company has overcome several disasters, including huge earthquakes.
At the time of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the Headquarters building (the current Registered Office) was hit by a severe earthquake of seismic intensity 7; however, we immediately began to make contributions as a mission of a company, such as donating goods delivered from our offices across the country to the affected areas and local governments.
In the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the properties managed by the Tohoku Branch were seriously damaged. As early as three days after the earthquake, we sent staff from Tokyo and Hyogo offices, and began to restore the clients’ properties.
Having learnt from this experience, we decided to further strengthen the function of the complementary system.

Complementary system developed from the past experience

※BCP (Business Continuity Plan)