Building Diagnosis

Diagnose current conditions in order to improve the building’s profitability and to preserve the asset value.

Building diagnosis is a close examination on a building to detect deterioration, to assess the situation and to develop countermeasures. At Nippon Kanzai, professional engineers undertake the diagnosis with meticulous care from a third party standpoint, and provide services from report generation to implementation of repair work all at one-stop.

Nippon Kanzai’s building diagnosis

  • Make a diagnosis of building from a standpoint that is different from a design company or a construction company.
  • By performing scientific examination and analysis using specialized equipment, make an accurate diagnosis of building’s condition.
  • Detect danger signals from the building at an early stage and prevent accidents.
  • Make appropriate decisions on where and how to repair, and set priorities for repair works.
  • Based on the many years of experience in building management, implement a comprehensive inspection of the building and equipment.
  • Confirm that the Building Standards Act, Fire Service Act, and other building related laws and regulations are complied.

Professional engineers acquainted with buildings carefully make a diagnosis

building diagnosis