Human Resources Initiatives

“Technological capability=human power”
Nippon Kanzai values human resources

We believe that the core element of our service is the employees. From recruitment to development for career advancement, we strengthen our human resource strategy, and strive to further improve the service quality.

Human resources initiatives

For securing staff resources, we recruit through a broad range of channels.

New graduates,Public job brokerage office,  “Hello Work”,Retired self-defense officials,Retired police officers,International workers,Working college students

Recruitment of new graduates (from high school and college)
  • Make visits to target schools.
  • Hold workplace tours for job applicants.
  • Prepare career plans for high school and college graduates recruited for on-site work.
Recruitment through public job brokerage office
  • Make visits to major public job brokerage offices (“Hello Work”), and hold hearings on how to prepare job postings (preparation of job postings from the applicant’s point of view).
  • Based on the above, the way of preparation is adapted to each business division, the contents of main job postings are confirmed, and correction is made as necessary.
  • Promote job application by sending our postings to registered applicants who have allowed the disclosure of information (By approaching multiple Hello Work offices, we send to as many applicants as possible).
Recruitment of retired self-defense officials
  • Make visits to Self-Defense Forces, and submit our job postings.
  • Attend employment explanation meetings held by the Self-Defense Forces.
  • Hold workplace tours.
Recruitment of retired police officers
  • Make visits to Human Resources Centers of police headquarters and submit our job postings.
  • Give group trainings to candidates for team leaders before commencement.
Recruitment of international workers
  • Make visits to Employment Service Centers for international workers (“Hello Work”) and submit our job postings.
  • Select workplaces that accept international workers, and match them.
Recruitment of working collage students
  • Make visits to target universities, and post recruitment information on bulletin boards.
Recruitment through website
  • Keep track of vacant positions at each business division in real time, and update the information on the recruitment section of our website.
  • Make effective use of information on applicants, such as sharing information between business divisions.
Free-of-charge referral of human resources, recruitment from vocational schools
  • Making use of applicants’ information and considering their qualifications and experiences, actively approach to them to promote job application.
  • Make regular visits to the person in charge of referral.
  • Hold employment explanation meetings for students of vocational schools.

HR strategy

We produce career plans for on-site employees to have a system where they can improve their careers depending on ability.

  • Information exchange held regularly and cross-departmentally
  • Promotion of career advancement of new graduates
  • Promotion of getting the right people in the right seats
  • Market research and analysis of job-to-applicant ratio and offered wages, etc.
  • Confirmation of operational situation on site, and improvement as necessary

Human resources development

Considering that on-site quality=on-site employees, we support acquisition of expertise, skills and qualifications.

Quality and reliability of equipment management and engineering service are assured by our employees’ capabilities. We believe that cultivating competent engineers will improve reliability of our services.
To that end, we are producing public license holders such as electricians and chief electrical engineers. Moreover, by holding various workshops regularly and striving for maintenance and improvement of technical capabilities and catch-up of the latest technology trend, we are able to provide reliable services to the clients.

Certified specialist of building cleaning
  • Certified specialist of building cleaning1
  • Certified specialist of building cleaning2
  • Certified specialist of building cleaning3
  • Electricians1
  • Electricians2
Other practical training
  • Trainings on electric sequenceTrainings on electric sequence
  • Trainings on disaster prevention boardTrainings on disaster prevention board
  • AED / Cardiopulmonary resuscitation trainingAED / Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training