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Highly efficient building management through integration of human skills and latest technology Highly efficient building management through integration of human skills and latest technology

01 Eco-friendly building with a minimal burden

We promote Eco-tuning, a way to solve problems. "Eco-tuning" means overall improvement in operation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions aiming at low-carbon society. We conduct detailed analysis of energy consumption and propose solutions with minimal investment.



We charge a certain percent of reduced utilities (power, gas, water, etc.) cost, so there is no additional cost for clients. If there is no reduction, there is no charge.


Eco-tuning is a registered trademark of Ministry of the Environment. Our company was registered as a certified operator in March 2017. We search for optimum operation of equipment and systems while securing comfortable and productive environment.


02 24/7 monitoring

Our WAFM system is the solution to your concern. WAFM system connects clients' buildings in remote areas with our WAFM center online, and performs full-time monitoring for 24 hours / 365 days. Besides detecting anything irregular, this system starts and stops some operations, changes settings and controls centralized meter reading while enhancing safety and reliability and reducing costs.

Three system types are available to suit clients' needs

TYPE-1 1 Remote control
Full package performing any kind of monitoring. The data is constantly transmitted and received.

Remote control

TYPE-2 2 Alarm monitoring
Remotely manages alarm devices for building facilities. For unattended buildings, technical personnel will respond to emergency situations.

Alarm monitoring

TYPE-3 3 Centralized management for multiple buildings
We manage multiple buildings centrally, deliver efficient management at low cost in a safe and comfortable manner.

Centralized management for multiple buildings

03 Centralized management of multiple buildings' equipment data

If multiple buildings are managed by different management companies and data are not centrally managed, owners may have difficulties in developing appropriate business plans, performing efficient management, or making quick decisions. We have LEAD-Web system for such concerns.
With this system, owners can efficiently centralize the management of data such as repair history, building assets, drawings, contractors, as well as basic building ledger, documents and photos.

We can keep updating the data if LEAD-Web is packaged with our periodic building diagnostic service. Owners can grasp status quo of their buildings in real time.

[Features of LEAD-Web system]

Information on status quo of multiple buildings are available to be used for management and operation.Information is accumulated by central data management. Less documents to keep in storage.We budget management expenses and draft optimal cost plan for you.

Functions of LEAD-Web

Functions of LEAD-Web

Tools to streamline
multiple-building management

Tools to streamline multiple-building management

NK link

NK link is an application to report and confirm works are done. With this system, you can share information and receive completion report in a timely manner. In addition, aggregated management data can be centrally managed on the web screen.

04 Support residents

We provide useful information to condominium residents. Increasing their level of satisfaction also increases the asset value. However, it may be difficult to provide information to a large number of residents promptly and at an appropriate timing. In such cases, we suggest our clients to use our application.

Lifenote mobile is an application to support the condominium residents' living. We provide useful information for elderly people and dual-income families to improve every-day life quality and to support creating a community by serving as a bulletin board.
We also help residents optimize their contracts for electricity.

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