Total Management of Buildings

In the course of continuous maintenance and management of valuable buildings,many different kinds of costs need to be incurred. Such costs vary from fixed costs that occur regularly and thereby can be easily calculated, to those that are difficult to predict, or those that are hard to take control without legal or specialized knowledge.. We have a solution-based organizational structure in place to optimize lifecycle costs and to provide high-quality services.

Nippon Kanzai provides solutions based on its group power to optimize lifecycle costs of the building.

The total lifecycle costs from completion to demolition of a building is five to six times as much as its construction cost.
Nippon Kanzai Group is equipped with various solutions to optimize a building’s lifecycle cost.
We make proposal on a continuous basis in light of the balance between the building’s asset value and costs, including energy and repair cost as well as maintenance and management cost.

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Construction cost 16.3% Maintenance cost 32.1% Utility cost 30.8% Repair and refurbishment cost 15.7% Other administrative cost 3.9% Construction cost 16.3% Maintenance cost 32.1% Utility cost 30.8% Repair and refurbishment cost 15.7% Other administrative cost 3.9%
Maintenance cost support
We provide one-stop service for every aspect of building management, including equipment inspection, environment and sanitation management, cleaning, security service, parking and reception services. By doing this, efficient management will be achieved. We also provide property management service and asset management service such as managing assets and running the buildings.We support creation of additional value.
Construction cost support
We point out things to keep in mind in designing from a standpoint of maintenance and management, and give advice on designing in light of lifecycle cost. We perform commissioning to verify that the building equipment delivers good performance as planned and ensure that the function of the building can be maximized by our support.
Other administrative cost support
Bodily injuries and property damages may occur in the course of facilities management, such as accidents at elevators or slip-and-fall accidents. We have comprehensive liability insurance policies to prepare for risks.
Repair and refurbishment cost support
The amount of cost that clients can afford to pay for lifecycle varies depending on the client. We not only develop a repair plan for building based on “building diagnosis and seismic diagnosis” but also make proposals for management that is appropriate for the client's financial situation, not just by repeating repairs for investment priority. As an independent management company, we support our clients in a neutral position based on the data we have accumulated.
Utility cost support
We offer support for our clients' environmental activities, including preparation of reports on energy saving, CO2 reduction and statutory reports, company’s energy management, as well as acquisition of CASBEE certification. We also make proposals for reduction of water bill by utilizing underground water that can be used as the secondary water supply in case of a disaster.

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Under our total management system, the department specialized in optimizing lifecycle cost will provide adequate support to the clients.

Total management service is designed to control both building operation and maintenance including equipment service, security and cleaning, in an integrated manner. Our company will provide management services through total management with an eye toward optimization of lifecycle cost and asset value increase, such as building’s profitability and convenience.

Indoor operation 安全管理 出納管理 清掃業務 設備管理 エネルギー管理 事務管理 警備業務 修繕業務 渉外業務 その他管理

At Nippon Kanzai, our support is provided from a multilateral point of view by support teams that are specialized in each field, such as quality management, procurement and engineering management. Not just leaving it to the on-site staff, we provide reliable services using our organizational strength.

  • Quality Control Department
    Responsible for quality control, on-the-job training, and support commencing new contracts
  • Procurement Department
    Responsible for large quantity purchase/order of professional inspection, construction work, management equipment and supplies
  • Engineering
    Management Division
    Responsible for building diagnosis, repair plans, energy-saving and other expertise
  • WAFM center
    A remote control center in service for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Engineering
    Solutions Department
    Responsible for developing systems and applications to improve efficiency of building management
  • Residential Management Administrative Department
    Specialized in cash and bank account management related to buildings' revenue and expenditure,including rent, utility cost, etc.