Community Activities

A community-based company

Continuous contribution activities to the community is one of the major social responsibilities that are unavoidable for the company engaged in property management nation-wide.
In order to fulfill its mission, we are actively involved in various activities.

Examples of Nippon Kanzai’s community activities

  • A letter of appreciation was awarded to our employees by the Tokyo Fire Department Akasaka Fire Station in November, 2017. When there was a car accident in August in the same year, the employees, who were in charge of building management in the neighborhood, participated in the rescue effort. Their sincere behaviors were considered to deserve the appreciation (Headquarters).
  • A letter of appreciation is awarded to us every January by the local police station in appreciation for daily police work cooperation.(Chubu Head Office).
  • We participate in a fire brigade training competition held at a hospital in Fukuoka city every year, and achieve good results, including the first and the second places (Kyushu Head Office).

A letter of appreciation 2

A letter of appreciation

A letter of appreciation 1

Employing handicapped workers

Nippon Kanzai employs handicapped workers in cooperation with AOH, a general incorporated association and by using social office system. AOH is operating Japan’s first chocolate factory for employment creation. Social office system allows a company to employ workers and let them work at facilities other than the company’s office. Handicapped workers hired by Nippon Kanzai are working at CHOCOLABO, a chocolate factory located in Yokohama that is authentic “Bean to Bar” style.