Work-Life Balance

Towards the work-life balance in the society

We actively promote the work-life balance of all stakeholders including all employees and subcontractors.
Through activities such as implementation of "workplace visit," an event inviting family members of employees to visit and take a tour at the workplace; action plan to encourage active participation by female workforce, we continue working on gender equality and diversity, where employees can fully utilize their abilities.
We contribute to achieving work-life balance in the society.

Action plan for more active female workforce

  • Our target is women in the managerial positions to be 10% or more.
  • Our target is women in the sales / operations division to be 15% or more.
  • Our target is female employment ratio of regular recruits to be 40% or more.
  • Our target is the average overtime of all workers to be 15 hours or less per month to achieve work-life balance.

A scene of the workplace visit