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NEWS Oct 30, 2013 Notice Regarding Registration as a "CASBEE-Certified Institution for Property Appraisal"

Nippon Kanzai Co., Ltd.


(Headquartered in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Pref., whose Representative Director is Shintaro Fukuda) is pleased to announce that our initial registration as a “CASBEE-Certified Institution for Property Appraisal” has been approved by IBEC (Institute for Building and Environment and Energy Conservation).


“CASBEE Certification System for Property Appraisal” is a system, which requires an appraiser to use “CASBEE for Market Promotion” to conduct property appraisal, and requires the result to be reviewed and certified for its accuracy by a third party. Its objective is to facilitate the penetration of “CASBEE for Market Promotion,” released in May 2012, into the real estate market.


Please refer to the website below for more details regarding the system.


Nippon Kanzai is determined to further increase property value of buildings and contribute to the society, through expanding areas of our service as a “full-line real estate service provider,” by proactively using environmental performance assessment tools such as “CASBEE for Market Promotion”.

Certification from IBEC

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