Nippon Kanzai Solutions

  • BEST System (Lifecycle Cost Management for Buildings)
  • Eco Management System
  • WAFM® (Wide-Area Facility Management) System
  • PFI Projects and Designated Administrator for Public Facilities

Nippon Kanzai’s BEST System is a building lifetime management system that addresses lifecycle costs. We act as a powerful partner that can plan and implement efficient management and scheduled repairs and maintenance with a view towards the future.
We provide appropriate support for maximizing building asset value and profitability from the perspective of reducing costs.

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We offer support to minimize the burden on building owners in relation to the prevention of global warming including managing and analyzing annual energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, evaluating the appropriateness of energy consumption, proposing energy conservation measures from the perspective of the building owner, and providing support for the preparation and filing of the various documents required under the Act on Rational Use of Energy and ordinances and regulations intended to prevent global warming.

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Nippon Kanzai has created a network-based wide-area facility management (WAFM®) system to support efficient operation and management of scheduled maintenance in all buildings.

Integration with the LEAD information management system that stores and shares information concerning multiple buildings is also available at a reasonable cost.

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Nippon Kanzai contributes to the success of PFI projects by working in good cooperation with architecture companies and construction companies, which compose a consortium in a PFI scheme, while fully utilizing its unique strengths.

We have extensive experience in managing a wide range of public facilities including gymnasiums, cultural, educational, health and human services, regional promotion and parking facilities.

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