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Real Estate Investment Management

We will optimize your real estate portfolio through asset management, property management and other services.

Asset Management

Asset Management Business

Nippon Kanzai group utilizes its facility engineering know-how and property maintenance expertise acquired through its extensive experience in the total building management business, in order to carry out a style of asset management that is unique to the group and focusing on the physical aspects of the property.

Selection and Proposal of Good Investment Properties

In addition to meticulous cash flow analysis, we make full use of our facility engineering know-how to perform optimal assessment of properties in consideration of both tangible and intangible aspects so that we can select and propose good investment properties.

Proposals for Raising Asset Value

The expertise of the entire Nippon Kanzai group acquired through its experience in the areas of renovation and repairs is utilized to make properties more appealing to tenants. As a result, we contribute to higher real estate income and greater returns to owners.

Financing Capabilities

Nippon Kanzai group is able to procure real estate investment financing on favorable terms based on financial institutions' trust for Nippon Kanzai's credit reliability of business model and solid financial position.
We contribute to reducing financing costs as well as raising the investment efficiency for investors.

Our asset management business is conducted by Tokyo Capital Management, Nippon Kanzai's affiliated company.

Tokyo Capital Management Website

Property Management

The key to stable and beneficial real estate cash flows is scientific analysis based on all available data of cash inflows and cash outflows to run simulations. Nippon Kanzai created a database containing 32 different property types and implements property management that maximizes real estate cash flows in all areas ranging from the attributes of the property and target tenants, to anticipated tenant relations and the creation of optimal management schemes.

As a property management specialist, Nippon Kanzai conducts risk management and creates optimal schemes in all phases from project planning, succession and launch to operation, management, enhancing value and disposal or holding. We reflect these schemes in implementation.