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Total Building Management

Nippon Kanzai provides services that support customers in every stage, such as building design and post-construction management. We are the first company in the industry to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the design and operation of professional property management encompassing a wide range of services including building facilities administration, cleaning and security.
Furthermore, we have obtained ISO14001 certification in order to address global environmental issues and to develop a recycling-based society in cooperation with our customers; in addition, ISO50001 certificate to improve our energy management service which is to promote energy-saving, resource-saving and cost-saving management.

Nippon Kanzai’s Total Building Management

Nippon Kanzai’s total building management consists of a consulting service provided by management professionals from the customer’s perspective concerning issues that should be considered and investigated during the building design phase and building management services as an outsourcee following the completion of construction.

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BEST (Building's Economy Support in Total) System

The BEST(Building's Economy Support in Total) System is a building lifetime management system that consolidates methods for maximizing building asset value and profitability and minimizing building lifecycle costs.

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Building Facilities Administration, Cleaning and Security Services

Nippon Kanzai supports building operations by performing integrated management of various outsourced management services necessary for operations and management including building facilities administration, security, fire prevention, cleaning, environmental and sanitary management, tenant management and construction management.

Building Facilities Administration

We maintain building functions at maximum levels through operation, maintenance and inspections.

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We perform environmental and sanitary management tailored to the characteristics of each building.

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We can create a safer, more secure and more comfortable building environment.

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