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Seismic Diagnosis (Earthquake Resistance Test)

Seismic diagnosis (earthquake resistance test) entails an accurate assessment of building earthquake resistance performance to determine whether the building can withstand an earthquake. If earthquake resistance performance is inadequate, we will propose earthquake resistance reinforcement construction.

Seismic Diagnosis (Earthquake Resistance Test)

Seismic diagnosis (earthquake resistance test) under the BEST System includes testing by structural experts of buildings constructed prior to the 1981 revised earthquake resistance standard and proposals for earthquake resistance reinforcement construction.


  • Proposals encompassing from structural calculation to earthquake resistance reinforcement construction.
  • Testing is performed by diagnostic engineers and structural experts in accordance with the seismic diagnosis guidelines adopted by the national government.
  • Diagnosis is divided into first, second and third stages. Since the higher-numbered stages involve more detailed diagnosis, it is important that customers select the appropriate diagnostic methods.

Earthquake Resistance Diagnosis Process