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Nippon Kanzai’s Strengths

Expert Judgment

We are able to generate optimal proposals based on our creativity and powers of discernment developed over many years of building management.

Extensive solutions and a diverse service menu cannot be created overnight.
Since its establishment in 1965, Nippon Kanzai has been using its experience at the vanguard of building management to consistently propose the most up-to-date solutions. At the core of this capability are reliable powers of discernment and a thorough familiarity with all aspects of real estate as well as creative thinking. We therefore consider Nippon Kanzai as building's "cognoscenti."
Based on our extensive building management experience, we do not rely on tools and equipment, but view buildings with respect as if they are living when undertaking decisions based on our reliable discernment and experience. Results are tailored to meet customer needs and the requirements of the times, thus lead to optimal proposals. Nippon Kanzai is certainly a group of professional evaluation experts.

Leading-Edge Engineering

We use advanced and specialized technology and our expertise to reduce building management costs and to maintain asset value.

Building management that addresses not only immediate issues but also takes into consideration lifetime costs is essential for building and condominium management. Nippon Kanzai views buildings as living organisms and proposes lifecycle cost management system that cuts costs and maintains asset value. A representative service is the BEST (Building's Economy Support in Total) system. Engineers with advanced and specialized technical know-how undertake the legally required periodic inspections and building diagnoses and create financial plans based on repair plans in order to comprehensively streamline lifecycle costs. Nippon Kanzai acts flexibly to serve as a strong partner to building owners.

Group Synergy

The Nippon Kanzai group offers a comprehensive full service in real estate and proposes optimal services for all real estate assets.

Real estate properties are becoming increasingly diversified and complex. Maintaining the functionality of real estate and preserving its value as an asset over an extended period of time require reliable expertise and advanced specialization.
The Nippon Kanzai group offers a comprehensive full service in real estate and proposes optimal services for all real estate assets.
We are able to satisfy all requirements form real estate-related services to integrated services in the field of real estate finance, in addition to events and sales promotions. We use our group synergy as our competitive edge that encompasses boundless creativity and possibility to create new options for our customers.