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WAFM® (Wide-Area Facility Management) System

Updated System Now Provides Even Greater Functions!
Nippon Kanzai created its network-based wide-area facility management (WAFM®) system to support efficient operation and management of scheduled maintenance of all buildings, in both public and commercial facilities. The WAFM® system’s quantitative management links operational information to management information enabling cost-effective management and operation.
Nippon Kanzai recently updated the system to provide additional functions and raise service levels through links with energy management and facility information sharing systems.
The updated WAFM® system supports compliance with the revised Act on Rational Use of Energy and Tokyo Metropolitan government’s environmental preservation ordinances, and for a reasonable cost it can be linked in with LEAD systems with information gathering and sharing functions.

What is the WAFM® (Wide-Area Facility Management) System?

The WAFM® system performs remote management for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even for buildings located at distant sites. In addition to enhancing safety and reliability, the system even reduces costs.

WAFM® System Features

  • Experienced personnel monitor the system for 24 hours a day at both the WAFM® center and group management centers and make initial responses in the event of any irregularity or emergency.
  • Data is collected periodically and continuously for detailed maintenance and facility improvement.
  • Ongoing data collection and analysis enable Nippon Kanzai to suggest various management and operational improvements ranging from operational support such as energy saving to management support.
  • Building owners can reduce the number of personnel/workforce required for building management and facility operation monitoring.
  • Depending on the building size, remote building management during daytime hours might be possible.

Energy Management

The WAFM® system’s extensive functions strongly support facility management by reducing the burden on designated enterprises to comply with the revised Act on Rational Use of Energy.

We offer solutions to the following concerns:
The demands of inputting and organizing the necessary data even though the required forms are readily available.
The considerable amount of time required to collect energy data from dozens of facilities.
The burden of organizing and retaining the forms.
The difficulty of performing effective analysis of the large amounts of available energy-related data.
Lack of know-how to create periodic reports from energy data.
Lack of know-how to prepare medium- to long-term plans under the Act on Rational Use of Energy.

Integration with a LEAD System

Shared information servers can be installed and energy information from the WAFM® system can be shared by storing it on a LEAD system.

LEAD System Features
Easy to monitor the status of multiple buildings to utilize in management and operations.
Conducts central management of building information (including basic building ledgers, drawings, repair history data, energy data and filing) to improve the efficiency of information searches and to prepare management planning reports.
With analysis and processing of the building data, Nippon Kanzai can provide information tailored to customer needs.