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Total Public Facility Management

Nippon Kanzai acts as a best partner for public facilities to provide high-quality management services in areas such as PFI projects, the designated administrator for public facilities and environmental facility.

PFI Projects

PFI projects are intended to provide stable and high-quality services in maintenance, management and operation for public facilities in addition to facility development such as design and construction. Therefore there is a strong demand for such service that makes maximum use of private-sector creativity, innovation and expertise to reduce total costs and contribute to higher user satisfaction.

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Administrator for Public Facilities

Nippon Kanzai serves as an ideal partner in the transfer of facility management work from the public to private sectors. Designated Administrator system uses the capabilities of the private sector to achieve more efficient and economic management and operation of public facilities, which traditionally have been conducted exclusively by local governments and extra-departmental organizations. Nippon Kanzai has extensive experience managing a diverse range of facilities including gymnasium, cultural, educational, health and human service, regional promotion and parking facilities. We will continue to use our strengths to meet increasingly diverse societal needs.

Environmental Facility

Create Rich Natural Environment and Desirable Living Environment

While global environmental issues have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, Nippon Kanzai is focusing on air, water and soil pollution in its efforts to contribute to environmental preservation from a long-term perspective. Furthermore, we work on environmental preservation and efficient use of resource based on the principles of safety, efficiency and responsiveness. By conducting total facility operation and management, we intend to contribute to creating an ideal recycling-based society.

  • Sewerage and human-waste treatment facilities clean wastewater, that used to be discharged into rivers and the ocean, to protect the environment.
  • Waterworks facilities take water from rivers and other sources and clean it to be used as drinking water in households.
  • Waste-processing facilities incinerate waste from households and businesses, reduce waste volume and recycle resources.

Waterworks Facility Operation, Maintenance and Management Services

As tap water supplies have a direct impact on public health, we exercise scrupulous care and perform proper maintenance and management to provide safe and good-tasting water at all times.

Sewerage Facility Operation, Maintenance and Management Services

Water circulates in the global environment. We make unceasing efforts to protect the global environment.

Human-Waste Treatment Facility Operation, Maintenance and Management Services

We work to preserve the natural environment by cleaning human waste, using biological, chemical and physical treatments before we discharge it back to nature's cycle.

Waste-Processing Facility Operation, Maintenance and Management Services

Factories and households in Japan generate a large volume of waste. Since Japan is a small country in land area, incineration, sorting and recycling are common in waste treatment.
We efficiently operate, maintain and manage incineration facilities day and night, placing the highest priority on safety to provide peace of mind to the public.

Environmental Facility Repair Work

We perform a wide range of processing facility repair and inspection work, such as general facility and equipment overhauls, air-conditioning equipment inspections and painting.

Sales of Environmental Products

We carry industrial chemicals and replacement parts necessary for water processing.

Environmental engineering work is conducted by Nippon Kanzai Environment Service Co., Ltd., a Nippon Kanzai's affiliated company.

Nippon Kanzai Environment Service Website

Other Services

As a best partner for public facilities and services, we use our strengths to meet a diverse range of societal needs including competitive bidding (open and specified), market testing (competitive bidding between the public and private sectors) and PPP projects.

Private use: Competitive bidding (open and specified)
Public-private competition: Market testing (competitive bidding between the public and private sectors)
Public-private cooperation: PPP