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PFI Projects and Designated Administrator for Public Facilities

Nippon Kanzai is an ideal partner for public facilities with its high-quality management services.
Some examples are outlined below.

PFI Projects

PFI projects are intended to provide stable and high-quality services in maintenance, management and operation for public facilities in addition to facility development such as design and construction. Therefore there is a strong demand for such service that makes maximum use of private-sector creativity, innovation and expertise to reduce total costs and contribute to higher user satisfaction.

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Aichi Prefecture Industry & Labor Center WINC Aichi

  • Location:
  • 4-4-38 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture (site of the former Small and Medium Business Center)

  • Facilities Overview
  • WINC Hall (seats 801), small halls (two rooms seating 300 each)
    Exhibition Space (three rooms, 6th floor: 1,100 ㎡, 7th and 8th floors, 1,040 ㎡)
    Conference Rooms (total of 49 rooms: four large conference rooms, 10 medium conference rooms, 25 small conference rooms and 10 special conference rooms)

    Website: (Japanese only)

Kobe Central Wholesale Market (Main Market)

  • Location:
  • 1-1-4 Nakanoshima, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 652-0844

  • Facilities Overview
  • Site area: 107,867 ㎡
    Building floor area: 161,160 ㎡

    ·Related facilities (North Building, Central Building and South Building): Market PR facility (Central Market Cooking School), restaurants, offices, foodwholesale shops, merchandise shops
    Total floor area of three structures (four stories): 10,195 ㎡

    ·Processing and Logistics Building: Processing area, purchased goods storage areas, refrigeration facilities, distribution center, warehouse
    Floor area (two-story building): 30,612 ㎡; Parking facilities: 1,030 lots

    ·South Logistics Center: Distribution Center
    Floor area (one-story building): 1,145 ㎡; Parking facilities: 19 lots for large vehicles

    Website: (Japanese only)

Designated Administrators for Public Facilities

Cultural, Sporting and Other Facilities

Nippon Kanzai serves as an ideal partner in the transfer of facility management work from the public to private sectors. Designated Administrator system uses the capabilities of the private sector to achieve more efficient and economic management and operation of public facilities, which traditionally have been conducted exclusively by local governments and extra-departmental organizations. Nippon Kanzai has extensive experience managing a diverse range of facilities including gymnasium, cultural, educational, health and human service, regional promotion and parking facilities. We will continue to use our strengths to meet increasingly diverse societal needs.

Public Housing

Nippon Kanzai utilizes its extensive experience, track record and expertise for public housing management.

Nippon Kanzai has conducted designated administration for Amagasaki City public housing (southern region; approximately 6,300 units) since January 2007, Nishinomiya City public housing (northern region; approximately 4,100 units) since April 2008, Takarazuka City public housing (approximately 1,400 units) since October 2008, Kumamoto City public housing (approximately 12,000 units) and Matsuyama City public housing (approximately 3,900 units) since April 2009 and Kobe City public housing (Higashinada-ku, Nada-ku and Chuo-ku; approximately 12,300 units) since April 2010.
In addition, Nippon Kanzai provides management services for Urban Renaissance Agency rental housing (approximately 13,900 units) and has experience managing more than 40,000 condominium units. In all of these businesses from the commencement of operations to the present, Nippon Kanzai has been recognized for fully utilizing its housing management expertise built over the many years.