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BEST System

Buildings have a potential to grow.
Our job is to help owners take good care of their buildings to grow them and protect them.
Efficient management and appropriate maintenance can prevent buildings from deteriorating and can deter a decline in building asset value.

Eight Services Available under the BEST System

The BEST system directly addresses lifecycle costs, which can be many times greater than the initial construction costs. Nippon Kanzai acts as a strong partner for planning and executing scheduled repairs and improvements and efficient management that looks ahead to the future.
We provide tailored support for maximizing building asset value and profitability from the perspective of reducing costs.

1. Lifecycle Cost Management

Nippon Kanzai makes management proposals for buildings of varying ages and applications to raise profitability with a focus on reducing costs.
We can address every phase of the building lifecycle including design, construction and operation and maintenance as well as issues regarding review of building operations and older buildings.

2. Building Diagnosis, Legal Reviews and Seismic Diagnosis (Earthquake Resistance Test)

When conducting building diagnosis, we conduct on-site surveys, examine repair histories, and perform legal reviews and other checks to assess the building’s current status from a variety of perspectives and identify any problem areas. The results serve as basic data for performing comprehensive analyses including investigation of issues that should be addressed early and future repair and improvement plans to prevent future problems.
Earthquake-resistance testing entails an accurate assessment of building's earthquake-resistance performance to determine whether the building can withstand an earthquake. If earthquake-resistance performance is inadequate, we propose reinforcement work against earthquakes.

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3. Repair Planning

Preventing the decline of building asset value requires appropriate maintenance, management and scheduled repairs. Nippon Kanzai helps customers operate buildings by preparing detailed repair plans from a long-term perspective. With a firm grasp of the current deterioration, we consider balancing the repair plans and day-to-day maintenance.

4. Building Maintenance and Repair Consulting

Nippon Kanzai provides design and construction consulting, as well as executing management, based on our extensive experience in maintenance and operation of buildings. On behalf of our clients, we provide a wide range of services, such as determining specification of construction, finding parts to be repaired, selecting a contractor, checking the quotes and inspecting the construction.

5. Construction

We perform various types of construction work relating to building repairs ranging from maintenance work, such as exterior maintenance, waterproofing and painting, to updating plumbing, air conditioning and electrical facilities. We perform systematic and safe construction in a manner that minimizes inconvenience to tenants and other occupiers during construction. We also provide a full range of post-construction services.

6. Energy-Saving Diagnosis

Energy costs account for a significant percentage of total lifecycle cost. Energy-saving diagnosis can accurately assess the current status of building management including equipment operation to make proposals for cutting energy costs.
Our proposals increase building profitability and reduce environmental impact.

7. LEAD System

By installing an information management system tailored to the customer’s facilities, we are able to perform building and facility monitoring and efficient data management. The benefits of such a system are particularly effective when managing multiple buildings, and additional efficiency in facility management and improved management can be achieved when combined with periodic building diagnosis and other services such as packaged services.

8. WAFM® System

The WAFM® System links customer buildings with our wide-area facility management (WAFM®) center to provide 24-hour, 365-day management.
By adding network control functions to existing human-based management, we can provide efficient, high-quality management by making proposals to cut personnel costs and reduce energy costs through analysis of collected data.