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Building Diagnosis and Legal Reviews

When conducting building diagnosis, we conduct site surveys, examine repair histories and perform legal reviews and other checks to assess the building's current status from a variety of perspectives and identify any problem areas. The results serve as basic data for performing comprehensive analyses including investigation of issues that should be addressed early and future repair and improvement plans to prevent future problems.

Building Diagnosis and Legal Reviews

BEST System building diagnosis and legal reviews assess the soundness of the building with the aim of raising profitability and maintaining asset value.


  • Scientific surveys and analysis using specialized equipment to accurately diagnose the soundness of the building.
  • Early identification of warning signs in commercial buildings and condominiums to prevent unexpected accidents before they occur.
  • Appropriate identification of repair areas for large-scale repairs and prioritization of repair work
  • Comprehensive checks of buildings and facilities based on many years of management experience.
  • Building diagnosis from a perspective that differs from design and construction companies.
  • Building operation support to raise profitability and maintain asset value.
  • Detailed diagnosis performed by specialized engineers with extensive knowledge of buildings.
  • Legal checks to ensure compliance with the Building Standards Law Fire Service Law and other laws and regulations applicable to buildings.

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